SNOW MOBILE 11' 3" x 4' 6" - weight 25lbs. - contains 30 gallons

CARPADs contain from 60 TO 120 gallons of water, snow, salt, sand, battery acid, antifreeze, grease and grime depending on the size.

CARPADs clean easily! A broom or squeegee can be used to sweep the build-up out the garage door over the rounded edge. Or, use a wet/dry shop-vac to vacuum the CARPAD.

CARPAD washes up with a little soap, water and a broom. Once or twice a year conditioning the pad with a vinyl cleaner and conditioner will keep it supple.

CARPAD installation is easy. No multiple snap on hard plastic edges to pound into place.

CARPAD has sealed pockets along the sides, which are open on the underside corners. Four pre-cut sections of radial tire cord hose are slid into the underside of the pockets, which, when installed, create the rounded flexible edge for containment.

CARPADs are available in our rugged silver 20 mil. vinyl.

CARPAD Heavy-Duty Red CARPADs are manufactured with our multi-layered woven bunker vinyl. Ideal for gravel driveways and situations where rock shards are prevalent.

SNOW MOBILE 11' 3" x 4' 6" - weight 25lbs. - contains 30 gallons
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